Tue 31 Oct 2023

Wellness in Winter


The clocks have changed and it's feeling colder and darker. It's really important to keep the focus up on your physical and mental wellness during the winter months.

Here are some tips from our Founder Polly Shute.

Stay Active -Don't let the cold weather keep you from exercising. You can still go out for walks and runs, just wrap up and watch out for any ice! I try and go for regular times for my dog walks as I get to meet others. There are also lots of exercises you can do at home with just a mat and a link to YouTube. Check out THESE.

Boost up – Getting outside is a great way to boost our levels of vitamin D, but sunlight levels in the UK are generally too low from October to March, so taking a daily supplement of 10mcg of vitamin D in these months can be helpful. There is also evidence that doing this can support your bone and muscle health and reduce your risk of respiratory disease.  Also consider light boxes that can help elevate your mood.

Eat healthily - It's common to crave comfort food during the winter months. While heavy, stodgy dishes might be tempting during the winter weather, it's important to fuel your body with the food it needs to stay healthy. It’s as important as ever to eat your 5-a-day. The vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetables will help to support your immune system, which will help you to fight off colds. We love these recipe ideas from olive magazine. 17 Healthy Winter Recipes | olivemagazine

Cozy Up -Embrace the coziness of winter by snuggling up with a good book, a warm blanket, and a hot beverage. Create a cozy atmosphere in your home with candles, soft lighting, and soothing music. My top tip, buy a heated blanket.

Express Gratitude - This can be a tough season for many of us. Some people say it helps them to take note of things they feel grateful for. Try to notice any good things in your life when you’re feeling down, however small. It could be the sunshine in the morning, the colours of the falling leaves, a warm cup of tea, or a great book you’re enjoying. I always think of 5 things I am grateful for every morning when I take my dog for a walk.

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