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Top tips for camping at Out & Wild


Never camped, or not camped for years? You will find it an amazing experience at Out & Wild Festival. So face your fears and embrace this advice, inspired by Angharad from the Camper Gurlz.


There’s a huge variety available. If camping for the first time, buy a cheapish tent to start with, to see how you get on.

Top tip would be to buy a tent that you can put up on your own – the simpler it is to put up the better! Pop ups are appealing as they are quick to put up but they can be tricky to put away! Wherever possible, try putting the tent up before you come camping as it will be time well spent! You may want a tent that you can stand up in as it makes everything that little bit easier.

Camp bed

These are worth having as they make your sleep warmer and more comfortable. They also give you more space in your tent as you can store stuff underneath them. If you don’t fancy splashing out on a camp bed then invest in a sponge mat – it will give a bit of comfort and keep away the coldness of the ground.


Sleeping bag or duvet? Well, it’s your call, do what is warmest and most comfortable for you. Some use a duvet, fitted sheet and pillows and bring them ready made up in an IKEA bag, ready to throw on top of your camp bed.


Bring all of your toiletries in a clear plastic washbag if you can – makes life easier when in the showers as you can find everything a lot easier and it doesn’t matter if it gets wet.

Bring a waterproof carrier bag such as an ikea bag as this is really handy when carrying clothes and toiletries back and forth to the shower area. Usually there’s a peg on the back of the door so you can hang your bag there, with everything to hand and it can’t get wet!


Travel/camping/Turkish cotton towels as they are lighter and roll up smaller than regular bathroom towels – they also dry a lot quicker too.

Camp chair or travel mat and yoga/exercise mat

Makes being sociable a lot more comfortable. You will also need the mat for wellness and workouts,


We recommned 

- Trainers/daps/boots - you will need boots for hikes

- Wellies (if it rains)

- - Flip flops/crocs (very useful when showering)


So, wherever you can “less is more” as it saves you carrying stuff you don’t need. 

- Coat/waterproof poncho

- Bobble hat (for if it’s cold at night)

- Joggers, t shirt and hoodie (warmer than pyjamas to sleep in)

- Shorts/skirts

- T shirts

- Jumper

- Swim wear 

- Swim shoes (really handy although yeah, they look naff!)


- Phone charger

- Fully charged battery pack

- Mobile phone (keep it in airplane mode as much as you can to save the battery)

Other items

A few other things we recommend

- A toilet roll (in case there’s a shortage!)

- Torch (can get pitch black if you need the loo in the night)

- Suncream 

- Sanitary products (it is a nightmare coming on unexpectedly when camping!)

- A bag for your dirty washing (sounds very boring but it makes life so much easier when you return home and are unpacking)


Remember there are lots of great food options on site, including a cafe serving all day, 3 other food vendors and 2 bars.

But we do allow drinks and food on the campsite

- Drinks! Out & Wild allow you to drink on the campsite, so bring a few drinks for the first night

- Water - bring a reusable bottle, we have taps across the site.

- Carton of juice (like you might have had as a kid at school in your lunch boxes)

- Tracker bars or cereal bars - good snacks

- Fruit (apples/oranges/bananas)

All of your food should be kept in a cool bag/cool box.

Cooking utensils

Keep it simple! The simpler the food you are gonna at, the less utensils you need to bring! I would however definitely advise bringing:

- A camping stove - check our FAQs for more details

- Mug

- Plate

- Cutlery

And remember you will be alongside hundreds of others who will all be there to help and support you.

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