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Our NEW site in Devon has the camping, campervan and glamping spaces you LOVE and on-site hostel style accommodation.

This includes dorms you can book as as group or individually. We will also have dorms where you can just book a bed.

Some dorms have showers and toilets ensuite and others use shared blocks.

ALL toilets and showers are plumbed in and of really good quality.

You can bring your own bedding or book to have bedding provided for the three nights.


Whilst some of the accommodation comes with ensuite facilities. Other dorms and units use shared toilets and bathrooms. 

Showers, toilets and sinks are all plumbed in and there are plenty of them!

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We will be opening up bookings for the accommodation on Wednesday 26th June, alongside super early bird tickets.

You can find out more info from our onsite accommodation page and book from there or from our Ticket page.


The accommodation is situated across the site. All accommodation is just a short walk from the key areas.

You can do both.

Most of the accommodation is bookable as a dorm or whole unit,

We are making individual beds available in the Octagon units. 

Beds are all bunk beds. Just think youth hostel and school group accommodation.

Bedding is NOT provided. You can bring your own or order for £7

Rooms are basic. But there is lighting and power switches.

We are mainly selling whole dorms or units (although we are selling individual beds in some of the dorms). Once you purchase you can choose how many people say in the room. You cannot have more than the room allocation.

No, there are no cooking facilities and you are not able to bring BBQs or other cooking facilities into the rooms. 

We will be providing the option to buy meals from the restaurant on site or pop up vans.

You will need to pay £15 to park for the three days and nights.

We will have a car park and there will be an option for you to drop off luggage.

Check in is 2.30pm on Friday 13th June 2025. If you arrive earlier there will be luggage storage available.

Check is 10am Monday16th 2025.

We will ask for ALL amplified music to be turned off at 10.30pm each evening. We will have silent DJ sets on Friday and Saturday.

We will ask you to be quiet in the rooms from 12am.

There is a good amount of accommodation. We will be opening up around 60% of the accommodation as Super Early Birds. 

We will see if we can support these requests but cannot guarantee

Yes they do, but there may be limited keys

The shower blocks and toilet blocks are situated a short walk from the dorms and units.

All showers and toilets are plumbed. 

They will have toilet paper. You will need to bring other toiletries.