Out & Wild is a Festival designed for LGBTQ+ women and those who are non-binary.

We were proud to a finalist at the Welsh based Croeso Awards for inclusivity and accessibility.

We do not shy away from this. As there are so few spaces for this part of the community to meet in.

But we are open to all. This includes supportive allies who abide by our ethos.

When we design the festival, we make sure we work with those in the community, that includes those that are gender diverse, some from different ethnic background/the global majority and those that require accessibility support.

We know we will always have more work to do to create a truly inclusive and accessible space and are always open to support and suggestions. 

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The Festival and Camping Site are all on one level. We do also have ramps for stages.

We offer accessible tickets. If you also require free tickets for carers, please contact us

We have an accessible area at the campsite. From a fire safety perspective we do not allow cars to park there, but we can assist with luggage. We can also support with help putting up and taking down tents, if you contact us in advance,

We have accessible showers and toilets.

We do not have constant access to power and are not able to have signers (but we are working with funders to provide in the future).

Please contact us if you have questions or require specific support.

We welcome all attendees, but are specifically designed for those who identify as female and LGBTQ+ and those who are non-binary.

We have a strict policy around hate and any form of bullying. We do retain the right to eject those who display and hate, including homophobia, transphobia, bi-phobia and racism.

For 2023 all our volunteers and vendors will go through inclusivity training.

We will also add a clause around hate and bullying into agreements with our acts and suppliers.