Out & Wild relies on a great team of core volunteers to run it year round. Our curators, design leads, social media and content teams are amazing and help make the festival happen. Buy them a drink or say thank you if you see them over the weekend!



Polly (she/her) has spent the last 10 years working on LGBTQ+ events, including being on the Board of Pride in London up until 2018 and a consultant for DIVA Media Group. 

She is passionate about ensuring there are more quality events for women and those that are non-binary. Polly is also keen to see more events and experiences that focus on wellbeing.

As well as running Out & Wild, Polly co-founded Pride Swim which is rolling out in 2024 and hosts Southbank Surfing, London's biggest free reguar meet up for LGBTQ+ women and those who are non-binary.

A former Award winning Marketing and Fundraising Director, working within the commercial and not for profit sector, Polly is a currently a Partnership and Inclusion Consultant. 

Outside work Polly loves running, hiking, walking her dog and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. 

Our Curators and Core team

Nicky - Curator, Spoken Word & Talks

By day, Nicky (She/Her) is a Chief Operating Officer at a NHS Trust in the East of England. By night, Nicky is a book obsessive and enjoys sharing her love of the written word with others.

 Nicky is a member of a local writing group, Ellipsis, and has taken part in creative writing courses, retreats and performances. Nicky also runs the Cancer Survivors Book Club and co-chairs the Diva Book Club with Zoë Berryman.

In the little time left over, Nicky squeezes in running half marathons, relatively slowly. 

Nicky is a lesbian, and is married to the lovely Lorraine. They live in Suffolk with their two boys, four cats and one dog. 

Zoe - Curator, Spoken Word & Talks

Zoë Berryman is a literature enthusiast whose passion for reading began at an early age with Enid Blyton’s Enchanted Wood. She studied English Literature at University and works for a charity that supports vulnerable adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues - something she cares deeply about.

For eight years, she has led local and online book clubs, and is always on the lookout for new authors to add to her overflowing book shelves which hold everything from Virginia Woolf to Mary Oliver.

Zoë loves to dedicate her free time to music, books, and the great outdoors, making the Out and Wild Festival the perfect place to be.

Although based in London, Zoë explores the country's wild swimming spots whenever she can. 

Karen - Curator, Workshops

As an advocate for inclusion, equity and social justice, Karen is a passionate champion for the voice of lived experience. Having spent the last eight years influencing change at strategic and policy levels through social activism, it was her own journey of self-discovery that infused a curiosity for holistic well-being. 

For Karen community and connection are key. Returning to study in the areas of spirituality, consciousness and transpersonal psychology, Karen embraces the the opportunity to create spaces for others to explore their own transformative experiences and self connection.

Living on the beautiful Gower Peninsula in South Wales with her youngest three children, chill time is spent swimming or paddle boarding at the local beaches or wandering through woods and fields with her dog Cleo. 

Becky - Curator, Workshops

Becky's love for festivals goes beyond the music and festivities. She thrives in the lively atmosphere, eagerly taking on roles that allow her to contribute to the community spirit. Whether it's running an event, behind the scene admin and logistics or making folk feel at ease and connected, or simply spreading joy as a festival ambassador, Becky is a dedicated and integral part of the festival experience in our community. 

Her commitment to creating inclusive and memorable events has earned her the admiration of both organisers and fellow festival-goers. 

We are pleased to have her curate our workshops with the wonderful Karen again this year. 

Ruth - Curator, Wellness & Workouts

Ruth (she/her) is a transformational retreat and workshop leader and depth coach. Weaving yoga, mantra, breathwork, sound, poetry, movement and writing, she creates space for deep healing and transformation. 

She has been running Retreats for the last 9 years on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales and in March 2022 she founded Rainbow Retreats for Queer Women (LGBTQ+)

Ruth will be offering some of the elements that make up a Rainbow Retreat at the Festival including Gong Baths, Poetry Dives and Kirtan. 

Lou - Curator, Sports & Hikes

Lou Englefield is a founding Director of Pride Sports, a UK LGBTIQ+ sports development and inclusion organisation. Lou has been a leading voice on LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport & physical activity for more than 15 years.  

She directs the international Football v Homophobia campaign, is Chair of the Fare Network and is Co-Chair of Pride House International. 

Lou presents and speaks on issues of LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport and physical activity globally and has ensured that Pride Sports has become a leading authority on LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport and physical activity, at the forefront of insight, policy and practice. 

Micky - Design Lead

Hi I’m Micky,

Pronouns: they/them

I have over 23 years’ experience as a Graphic Designer, directing and delivering high quality print and digital graphics across multiple sectors.

I am meticulous about the standard of work I produce, and I am increasingly looking to support community and inclusion projects which align closely to my beliefs.

Outside of work I love a good show or exhibition. I’m passionate about environmental and wildlife conservation. I’m a gaming, puzzle solving, chess playing, cycling, photo-taker, and vegan, kickboxing, zen practitioner.

Lynn - Photography Lead

Hi, my name is Lynn Seymour and I am Elsie Moore - my alter ego who was borne as a result of a miscommunication and a mispronounciation; what better way can your professional persona burst into being...

Many moons ago in the days of film and darkrooms, I photographed weddings and portraits. Fast forward to a post Covid culture where I broke out of my captive bubble, armed with a digital camera and enflamed with my reignited passion.

Shunning churches and studios; I turned to the beauty of nature and all outdoor events extraordinare. I've had the utmost pleasure capturing special scenes and heartfelt happenings with an assortment of diverse and unique beings.

From retreats with LezBe Mindful to festivals with Out and Wild and not forgetting the Trans in the City Awards ceremonies.

My photos have been published on various platforms including Pink News.

Out and Wild has a very special space in my soul, having attended the pre launch reckie that went on to birth two very successful festivals. I look forward to engaging with familiar faces and naive newbies alike, and I know that all those who rock up will enjoy a very special adventure, and rocket away with a pocket full of fresh friends and pursuits.

Look out for my photographic memories "Through the eyes of Elsie Moore"

Raga - Cultural Lead

I am Raga D'silva, a published author, TEDx speaker and an entrepreneur. 

Born and raised in India, I struggled with my sexuality for decades making headlines when I came out as a lesbian at the age of 50 through my debut book ‘Untold Lies’. Since then, I have been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and have dedicated my efforts to championing the rights of the community. 

I am the current Chair of Board/Trustees for the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre and sit on several other Boards that focus on domestic violence against women and education for girls.  I recently set up the UK’s first speaker network for LGBTQ+ women and those who are non-binary, OUTspoken Speakers with Polly Shute.

I am currently fighting for marriage equality in India and for older LGBT+ people here in the UK.

I have been interviewed by several television and print media over the past decades for my professional and personal journey, BBC India, BBC One, Sky news, Channel 4, ITV and also been the recipient of awards focused around inclusion.

Kala- Volunteer Lead

I have worked in the hospitality and events business for 30 plus years . Volunteered for Lfest, Road trippers,Femme Festival over the last 10 years.. NOW can not wait to support Polly and the team with Out & Wild this year... Love the space created for our LGBTQIA community . We need to support these events, or we will lose them. Very hands-on in life, love living in Bulgaria  part-time and spending time with friends and family here in the UK. See you in a field .... Kala xx