We have dozens of wellness & workout session across the three days.

These include different types of Yoga, Kirtan, Gong Baths, Sound Baths, Breathwork, Dance, Circuits and Forest Breathing.

We have two main tents we use plus the woods and workshops space.

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Gong Baths with Ruth

Find deep relaxation and be bathed in the beautiful sounds and healing vibrations of the Gongs. Bringing balance and harmony to mind, body, and Spirit. A unique and powerful passive meditation experience suitable for all. Bring a yoga mat (or camping mat) blanket (or sleeping bag), cushion and wear comfy clothes.  

"It felt like waves of sunshine through my whole body." Adrianna

"My body has never felt relaxed like that before." Sarahjayne

Ruth (she/her) is a transformational retreat and workshop leader and depth coach. Weaving yoga, mantra, breathwork, sound, poetry, movement and writing, she creates space for deep healing and transformation. She has been running Retreats for the last 9 years on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales and in March 2022 she founded Rainbow Retreats for Queer Women (LGBTQ+). 

Yin yoga with Soph

In this gentle yin class we will be doing a meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) , and an hour of yin yoga with adjustments offered for each pose. Yin yoga is a slow paced practice that involves holding asanas (postures) for around 5 mins each, targeting the connective tissues and fascia. It is amazing for releasing trauma from the body and is a very meditative practice where we focus a lot on the breath. The class will also have a theme and focused intention setting.

Soph (they/them) @trueyou.yoga is a queer yoga teacher currently based in Surrey. They’ve been practising yoga for 9 years and completed their 200hr YTT in April 2023 where they focused their teaching on Yin and Restorative yoga. Soph is currently studying the Trauma Conscious Yoga method and creates safe, trauma informed spaces to help people show up as their truest selves.

They’re SUPER passionate about making yoga/spiritual spaces more inclusive and inviting to queer people. Feeling safe and comfortable in your body isn't always an easy thing, especially for LGBTQ+ people so Soph’s focus is on yoga not being about becoming flexible or looking a certain way, it's about cultivating inner peace and moving in ways that feel good to you!

Sam Adams

Sam Adams, an inspirational and passionate speaker,  life coach, and Breathwork facilitator dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Sam has not only weathered the storms of financial ruin but has emerged as a beacon of resilience and strength. Her transformative journey from adversity to success has equipped her with invaluable insights into the power of mindset, resilience, and self-discovery.

Sam's true passion lies in helping individuals unlock their full potential by nurturing a deeper understanding of themselves. As a certified breathwork facilitator and life coach, she specialises in guiding others to explore the intricate relationship they have with themselves—the cornerstone of personal growth and fulfillment.

In her immersive breathwork sessions, Sam facilitates profound experiences that allow participants to tap into their inner wisdom, release emotional blockages, and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves. Through her life coaching sessions focused on relationships, Sam empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of their personal and professional lives with clarity and confidence.

Drawing from her own experiences of overcoming childhood abuse, depression, and thoughts of suicide, Sam authentically shares her story to inspire audiences worldwide. Her unwavering honesty, coupled with her infectious energy, creates a deeply resonant connection with every audience member, leaving them motivated and empowered to pursue their dreams.

Out and Wild session Description:

Embark on a transformative journey at Out and Wild with Sam's captivating session, where she guides participants through a profound Conscious Connected Breathwork experience. This immersive breathing technique seamlessly helps you foster a profound sense of connection and inner healing. Harnessing the innate power of breath, we infuse each session with positive intention, channeling energies towards personal growth and renewal.

Participants often liken the experience to "Meditation on Steroids," as it delves into the depths of one's being, facilitating profound healing and blissful revelations. Emotions flow freely, leading to a beautiful and cathartic release unlike any other.

Following the breathwork journey, attendees will convene to explore the revelations unearthed during the session, delving into the intricacies of relationships. At the core of every connection lies the relationship we nurture with ourselves. Through introspection and discussion, we'll illuminate the importance of deep intuition in fostering meaningful connections, both with ourselves and others.

Queer Tango with Helen Fenton

Helen Fenton has been learning & dancing Argentine Tango since 2014. 

I'm fascinated by the intersection between the 'following' and 'leading' roles in the dance, how these are often perceived through stereotypical ideas of femininity and masculinity - and how we can subvert or 'play' with them. For me, dancing tango is also a meditative practice. I enjoy introducing tango to more people, and my current project is organising a women's dual-role Practica in the South-West.

I work as an Integrative Counsellor (psychotherapist) and elected District

Joint health and mobility with Faye

Faye is a personal trainer and massage therapist with 8+ years of experience in the industry. One of Faye's main aims when coaching is to help people to feel great in their body and achieve their goals in a sustainable way. She does this by combining deep specialist knowledge of strength, mobility and joint health. Faye's coaching style is compassionate and empowering, enabling her to coach people of all ages and experience to push past limitations. In her free time, she is an avid baker, footballer and rock climber.

Some of her qualifications include: Personal Training Level 4, Health & Exercise Science BSc. (Hons), Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Practitioner, Functional Range Assessment, BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach, Kinstretch Instructor, Precision Nutrition, Certified Online Trainer, & Remedial Massage therapist

Read more about Faye www.strengthandflow.com 

Faye specialises and geeks out on building joint health, connection to your body and control over movement.

You’ll learn how to reconnect to your body, self-assess what areas are feeling ‘tight’ or restricted and how you can live pain-free. Anyone can do it, the session is adapted for complete beginners to advanced movers. 

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Qi Gong in the morning dew

Emma has been practicing Qigong for over 18 years. Her teaching is greatly inspired by the earth energies that surround us, our connection to heaven and earth and all the elements of life.

In this session you will use an active warm up to open and release stuck or heavy energy or Qi from your body, making space for the fresh bright life force energy to flow with ease.

Yoga & Menstruation with Vera

Hi, I am Vera! I am a Nutritional Therapist and a Yoga teacher but before all of this, I was a registered nurse for 7 years!

In February 2020 I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist and started my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Rosie Iles-Jonas (Y O G A | doyouromthing).

In my invaluable experience as a nurse, I had the opportunity to observe how lifestyle, eating habits, the quality of food, movement (or lack of), breathing patterns and self-awareness have an immense impact on someone’s health outcome. Health for me means vitality, being in charge of your body and being able to live your live to its full potential. I have found in nutrition and yoga the tools to revisit in order to go back to that healthy state and help other people do the same.

Hatha yoga originated in India more than 5000 years ago and was originally taught as a healing system for the mind and to prepare the body for seated meditation. In Hatha yoga, a series of asanas (poses) are practiced together with breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. 

My classes include a series of postures and gentle stretches connected in a slow flow that guides you into deep relaxation, through fun and light-hearted sequences. Attention is paid to the breath, used as a calming and grounding tool. My classes are suitable for beginners with plenty of options and modifications offered. It’s also appropriate for any other advanced yogini or yogi who wants a calming, relaxing class that will leave you feeling energised and, at the same time, rested.

Beginners Yoga with Heather

Heather has been teaching yoga since 2015, “Yoga didn’t come into my life till I was 42. I was never sporty or athletic in my youth and yoga has changed my body, eased my spirit and helped me give up some habits that needed to change. It’s saved my life and my hope is that I can pass on some of the gifts of yoga in my teaching. It really is for all ages and all abilities.”

The workshop starts at the very beginning. We come into a comfortable seated position so we can focus on our breathing. The 3-part yoga breath, so useful for soothing ourselves, is introduced. There is a seated foundational sequence to get us moving. We listen to our bodies and can pause and take rest whenever that feels right.

Then we will experience a variety of yoga postures (called asanas in the Sanskrit language). Each posture is taken in stages - yoga really is for everyone, every age, every ability.

The session ends with a period of relaxation which is often a favourite with folk. We are encouraged to settle down, keep warm, and be guided by Heather to a place of peace.

Forest Bathing with Katie

Everyone so loved the forest bathing sessions in the woodlands next to our festival site.

So Katie Wilkinson is back to run daily forest bathing sessions.

 Katie is currently leading on the development of The Wildlife Trusts #teamwilder approach within Devon Wildlife Trust. This new approach is committed to moving towards empowering communities to take action for nature using community organising and behaviour change principles. A big ambition of this is to truly work alongside underrepresented communities. 

She is an experienced community engagement practitioner, events leader, forest schools teacher, and passionate advocate of the power of nature connection for our health and wellbeing and the importance of increasing equality, diversity and inclusivity within the conservation sector for the benefit of people and planet.

Acro yoga with Hannah

Hannah is passionate about the human right to movement. She loves helping to connect people with their bodies, allowing them to achieve things they never thought possible!

At Out & Wild she will be doing this through acro - a fun activity that will get you laughing, making new friends and lifing each other up in more ways than one.

Acro yoga is fun, accessible and collaborative. You will learn to trust yourself and others whilst doing things you never thought your body could do,

Yin yoga with Sue

If you don't think yoga is for you then come over to the Yinside!  This is a floor based practice designed to bring you calm, with physical, as well as mental benefits.  If you have never done any yoga before then this is a perfect place to start, and if you are an experienced yogi then this will bring you a moment of calm in the weekend's experience. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and bring an extra jumper, towel or blanket for comfort.

Dance with Grace

Grace is a devoted practitioner who supports others to move through the depth of their heart space.

Honouring both ancient and modern practices to initiate transformation and healing.

Grace's dance journey began with gymnastics from a young age, performing nationally with a group across the UK. At 14, inspired to dance professionally she found Jam Theatre. She then went to Bird Theatre to further her training in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre.

Grace has worked in TV and Film with Warner Brothers doing dance and SPACT work.

Grace loves to teach dance across the UK and at retreats in Greece. Dance its truly medicine!

Contemplate & Embody Workshop with Amy

I’m Amy and I help the dreamers and doers of liberation by being in community using the ancient magic of yoga. I’m a yoga guide & facilitator who trained with the wonderful Susanna Barkataki, where we focus on decolonising yoga and applying it as a framework for social justice.  I’m a mixed Indian & British woman of colour, I’m neurodivergent and I’m queer. 

I'm a community builder and organiser, I love bringing people together in various capacities to work on something together. I am experienced in facilitating conversations exploring complex societal issues, inviting nuance and co-designing the next steps with the group.

I spend most of my time working with my peers at The Teapot Collective and York Anti Racist Collective. 

about the Contemplate & Embody Workshop:

For Contemplate & Embody we'll focus on an energy, contemplate it and embody it through practice integrating the wisdom of all 8 limbs of yoga. I'll offer multiple ways that you can creatively connect with and explore the energy through the magic of yoga. At Teapot yoga we centre disability justice and strive to teach yoga creatively so that every person can access the energy we are looking to connect with and cultivate. There will be chairs and mats available, I will demonstrate using both. 

In the session I'll include elements of yoga philosophy, ethics, social justice theory and practice. You'll find that these sessions tend to be themed around what's currently going on in the world, whether that's a particular social justice issue, elements of nature, the season we are in, the lunar cycle  and more. We'll have time to discuss our experience as well as engage in some creative practice. Everything I offer is an invitation, it's about finding the ways that work for you. 

Mindfulness and Breathwork with Evan

Evan Curwen, the founder of The Innocence Guru, is a trauma informed well-being coach. They help people to improve their mental health and well-being  holistically, using mindfulness, breathwork, inner child healing and reiki. 

Evan will be running an introduction to mindfulness session where you can learn what mindfulness is, how it can be used to reduce stress, anxiety and pain and engage in a mindfulness practice. 

Laughter Yoga with Emma

Emma (She/Her) embraced yoga after a particularly stressful period of her life and is one of the Co-Founders of Brighton Laughter Club, which has been offer low cost laughter yoga lessons since 2011.

Emma has a background in being serious. She is the publisher of the eco friendly consumer guide, The Green Guide for Lonodn and Natural Parenting Magazine, Juno, which she published and co-edited for 7 years.

In her spare time she enjoys improvised comedy and swimming in the sea.

Laughter yoga has many benefis; increasing playfulness and creativity, stress busting, enhances relationship and connection, boosts immunity, energises and relaxes.

The power role of Laughter Yoga is backed up by the latest trauma research and by the work of Rober Dunbar at Oxford University.

Love Latin Dance with Jane and Fran

The workshop is led by Fran Jackson and Jane Hoy. Fran is a massage therapist and Jane runs a mini Queer Tales From Wales, a mini theatre company. They have been dancing around together on the LGBTQ+ dance scene for many years. Most recently they have been delivering Love Latin dance workshops at festivals and in Mid Wales, where they both live.

Fran says: “As a massage therapist I often recommend dancing as it’s good for mobility, lifts your mood and is a joyful and sociable way to feel good”. They both think that dancing is for sharing and enjoy running fun and inclusive workshops.

Love Latin Dance Workshop

All welcome at this fun and lively dance workshop with great music. You’ll have fun, meet new people and learn some latindances including  bossa nova, merengue  and square tango. We’ll even throw in a line dance or two.  No partners necessary. You choose whether to lead or follow. Wear comfortable shoes to help you spin! 

Inversion Workshop and Massage & Partner Relaxation Session with Rosa

Rosa Bird has over 10 years experience working as a yoga and meditation coach. Not only that but she is a qualified medical doctor and acrobat!

She has a unique set of skills and quirky life experience. Attending her workshops often feels like an adventure.

Sound Baths with Angela

Originally as singer/songwriter, Angela Cooper discovered the therapeutic power of Sound Healing over 20 years ago, training with the British Academy of Sound Therapy in the UK. She has worked with other leaders in the field in the US, France and Spain in the use of Tuning Forks, Voice and Gongs and the vibrational energy of Colour.

She is also a qualified counsellor and funeral celebrant, based in Manchester.

Sound Baths

'Everything in life is vibration' Albert Einstein

Join Angela for a nurturing Sound Bath, where you will be bathed in the magical sounds and vibrational energies of Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Voice Toning and Indigenous instruments.

Angela also uses high frequency Colours to enhance the effects of the sounds. This immersive experience will leave you relaxed and refreshed in body, mind and spirit. Bring a mat or a chair.

Forest bathing with Ailsa

I am Ailsa.   I am a Welsh outdoor instructor based in North Wales. I am passionate about sharing and facilitating journeys into the wild landscape of North Wales . 

 At the Out and wild festival I will be focusing on Shinrin-Yoku … Forest Bathing . Come and take a break with me and escape the fast paced modern society we exist in . I aim to create space to slow down and embody a adventurous spirit that encourages reconnection to one self and nature .  

Allow your body as your guide . Listen to to where it wants to take you , follow your nose , savour the sounds , smells , sights of nature …. And let the forest in . Stress is the Health Epidemic of the 20th Centry . There is a wealth of data to support Shinrin -yoku and it’s impact on Health and Well being . Reduces blood pressure Improves cardiovascular & metabolic health . Improve concentration and Memory. Lift depression. Boost immune system and increase anti cancer proteins in the body . Is it any wonder Buddha found enlightenment under a tree . I look forward to connecting with you soon . Ailsa

Biodanza with Caroline

'Awakening our playful side’

Are you looking to boost your energy, happiness and reduce stress? Would you like to move in a fun and relaxed way without any formal dance steps to learn? Come and join us for Biodanza!

You’re probably wondering what is Biodanza? Well, it’s a system of movement and self-development that originated in Chile. It literally translates to the ‘dance of life.’ In Biodanza, we rediscover our capacity to enjoy movement as well as be more positively connected with ourselves and others. The system uses music from around the world with a series of dance exercises that are demonstrated and then you’re invited to join in. These series of exercises are done both alone and with others. Classes are accessible for all genders, ages and fitness levels and can be done in a way that suits each person.

This brief taster session aims to connect us with our playful side. We will do a series of fun, active, playful movement exercises, and games to music. The main aim of the session is to have fun and to enjoy connecting with our playful, creative side. Sometimes this is a side we didn’t even know we had, and we can surprise ourselves! We will then slow down with some mindful, fluidity movement exercises to help us reduce stress, physical tension and feel more relaxed.

No previous experience is necessary and full guidance will be provided at all times.

Caroline started her Biodanza journey in 2016 and has been training in the system of Biodanza for over three years. Apart from practicing Biodanza, Caroline has a background in drama facilitation and English Language teaching with children, teenagers, and adults. She currently works as an English Language teacher at a further education college in Cardiff as well as facilitates Biodanza for children and adults. Her other hobbies include mindful and spiritual practices such as mantra singing, breathwork, meditation as well as travelling and being in nature.

Ecstatic Dance with Tania Nishi

Tania Nishi - Self Love Coach, Somatic Healing Therapist, Tantric Lay Buddhist Monk

Tania (she/her) is a passionate Self-Love Coach, Somatic Healing Therapist and Tantric Buddhist Lay Monk. Some know her as ‘The Naked Coach’ or ‘Dancing Unicorn’, a unique and wild advocate for transformative and unconditional Self-Love and being truly naked. 

She brings together powerful psycho-somatic techniques with her profound spiritual practices and studies in psychology and Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, creating a unique therapeutic approach that empowers individuals to shed from emotional baggage, overcome limiting beliefs and conditioning and integrate their full potential. 

Self-love, to Tania, is not just a practice, but a revolution. Her commitment to fostering self-awareness and self-worth is activism, driven by a belief that true freedom emerges from loving oneself wholeheartedly and nurturing oneness with all beings, through a lens of equity. Through mind, body and spiritual trauma-informed support, Tania helps people discover and embrace a deeper connection with their whole naked soul, their True Self. By cultivating mindful acceptance and surrendering to peace and fun, anxiety and stress reduces and confidence, self assurance and trust is heightened. All this opens your heart through a cultivation of wisdom in love, compassion, empathy and joy, and you’re inspired to live authentically.