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Join Out & Wild for our first Pride in Wellness Week, from January 15th to 21st.

This will be a week FULL of online content, classes, interviews and experiences, all focused around wellbeing for LGBTQ+ women and those who are non-binary. And a great chance to meet some leads who will be at the Festival 

We will also be launching a directory of LGBTQ+ wellness leads from across the UK, so you can continue your festival experience wherever you live AND support queer acts and leads.

Sessions for the week will include:

  • Unleashing A Great Year -  with life coach and yoga teacher Sue Thomas Taylor
  • Beginners Yoga - with yoga tecaher Heather Wood
  • Somatic Yoga - with Rose Bird
  • Menopause Cafe - The Jan cafe hosted by Polly Shute with guest Dr Angela Wright
  • Breathwork & Qigong with practioner Emma Money-Kyrle  
  • Gong Bath & Cuppa Tea Social - with Out & Wild Curator and Founder of Rainbow Retreats Ruth Harlow 
  • Introduction to Mindfulness - with Evan Curwen, Funder of the Innocence Guru 
  • Fitness, Nutrition & Strength for Health and Life - with Val Craft
  • Hatha Flow Yoga - with Vera Duse

See timings and details below we will be sharing  zoom links for the sessions by Saturday 13th. 

Please be ready to join om time via the zoom links and sign up for Gong Baths 

All virtual session are FREE and all apart from Gong Baths are virtual.

UNLEASHING A GREAT YEAR - Monday 15th Jan 8am with Sue Thomas Taylor

Does this sound like you….

1) Setting goals and resolutions then getting stuck by the end of January?
2) Finding you want to make changes but have too many blocks on the way?
3) Wanting to make a change in your life but not knowing where to start?

If you are ready to make changes, this workshop and the follow up 6 week programme I have developed can set you on the road to becoming calmer, less stressed and with more clarity.

Understanding what is in your way, so you can take steps towards becoming a truer version of yourself

Making this the year you take charge!

The initial workshop is free, details of the 6 week programme are below.  We will examine your blocks, help you understand how your unconscious mind can help you and start the process of becoming a truer version of yourself

Pre work

  • What goals, if any, did you gave for 2023? 
  • How happy are you with how 2023 went in terms of progress? 
  • How are you feeling about the year?Do you have anything you want to achieve in 2024?
  • Do you have any blockages you feel are in your way?
  • What stories ar you telling yourself about this?

If you sign up during Pride in Wellness Week you can take advantage of this amazing chance to continue the journey after the workshop. Details follow!

Zoom link

BEGINNERS YOGA - Monday 15th Jan 6pm with Heather Murray

Curious about starting yoga?

Join Heather Murray for a beginners session. 

Find a comfortable space in your house or at work and bring a long a yoga or exercise mat.

Zoom link

INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS - 7pm Sunday 21st with Evan Curwen

Evan Curwen, the founder of The Innocence Guru, is a trauma informed well-being coach. They help people to improve their mental health and well-being  holistically, using mindfulness, breathwork, inner child healing and reiki. 

Evan will be running an introduction to mindfulness session where you can learn what mindfulness is, how it can be used to reduce stress, anxiety and pain and engage in a mindfulness practice. 





TikTok @innocenceguru


BREATHWORK and QIGONG - Thursday 18th 8pm with Emma Money-Kyrle

Emma has been practicing Qigong for over 18 years. Her teaching is greatly inspired by the earth energies that surround us, our connection to heaven and earth and all the elements of life.

In this session you will use an active warm up to open and release stuck or heavy energy or Qi from your body, making space for the fresh bright life force energy to flow with ease.

Click Zoom link here to join

GONG BATH AND CUPPA - Friday 19th 6pm with Ruth Harlow - Swansea Wellbeing Centre

"My body has never felt relaxed like that before." Sarahjayne, Swansea

Find deep healing and relaxation and be bathed in the beautiful sounds and healing vibrations of the Gongs. Bringing balance and harmony to mind, body, and Spirit. A unique and powerful passive meditation experience suitable for all.

This will be followed by a cuppa and half an hour to chat and hang out in a really welcoming inclusive space.

This event is free but spaces are limited so please book and do let me know if you can't make it.

Ruth is the Wellness Curator of Out & Wild and the Founder of Rainbow Retreats. Her next retreat is 16th-18th February and Out & Wilders get a 10% discount with the code: out&wild. 

Book here

MENOPAUSE CAFE - Wednedsay Jan 17th 7.30pm Managing your menopause *changed time*with Dr Angela Wright

How can you best manage your menopause during 2024?

Join Menopasue Cafe host Polly with menopause expert and GP Dr Angela Wright for a talk followed by the opportunity for Q&As.

We will be discussing how you can best manage your menopasue in 2024.

Zoom link to join

FITNESS, NUTRITION & STRENGTH - Sunday Jan 21st, 9.30am with Val Craft

January is the time of New Year's resolutions, so many prompted by overindulging at Christmas and where we feel aware that we need to eat more healthily and do some exercise.

In our culture, the advent of technology leading to an ever increasing sedentary lifestyle means that exercise isn’t a nice to have or something for those ‘sporty’ or ‘outdoor’ types, it’s a must for us all if we want to live our lives fully in the years to come.

The word exercise has so many negative connotations though and so thinking about fitness and strength may be more beneficial. Better fitness, strength and more muscle mass (I don’t mean Arnold Schwarzenegger body building mass! I just mean maintain strength for us for life) are correlated with living longer and healthier lives.

Yet the word strength is also loaded with masculine connotations and expectations which mean as women and non-binary people we may be put off from exploring our own potential.

This 90 minute workshop is here to help you…

  • Learn about strength and fitness training
  • Learn about nutrition to support health and longevity
  • Look at what barriers might be standing in your way
  • Make a choice to engage in activity and nutritious food choices, not just for the short term, but as part of your lifestyle now and always

This session won’t involve you getting active, it is more about giving you information and some tools to help you make a change. We are currently working to bring you an in-person session though.

Bring along a pen and pad, a sense of curiosity, any questions you may have and the openness to connect with others in the session.

Ps If you have any questions about fitness, strength training or nutrition please feel free to message me ahead of the meeting so I can prepare the best answer I can for you.


Tel: 07899938334


HATHA FLOW YOGA - with Vera Duse Jan 20th 10.30am

Hatha yoga originated in India more than 5000 years ago and was originally taught as a healing system for the mind and to prepare the body for seated meditation. In Hatha yoga, a series of asanas (poses) are practiced together with breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. 

My classes include a series of postures and gentle stretches connected in a slow flow that guides you into deep relaxation, through fun and light-hearted sequences. Attention is paid to the breath, used as a calming and grounding tool. My classes are suitable for beginners with plenty of options and modifications offered. It’s also appropriate for any other advanced yogini or yogi who wants a calming, relaxing class that will leave you feeling energised and, at the same time, rested.


SOMATIC YOGA - with Rose Bird Tuesday 16th 8.15pm

Somatic Movement Therapy gives you the tools you need to access the wisdom stored in your body. It helps unwind tension habits that cause pain. Somatic Movement helps you transform unhealthy habits caused by physical injuries, trauma, personal habits, or even skipped developmental stages.

Rose Bird has over 10 years experience working as a Yoga and meditation coach and is alos a qualified doctor.

She has a unique skill set and a quirky life experience

Zoom Link click here