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Breathwork with Sam

A breathwork session



Embark on a transformative journey at Out and Wild with Sam's captivating session, where she guides participants through a profound Conscious Connected Breathwork experience. This immersive breathing technique seamlessly helps you foster a profound sense of connection and inner healing. Harnessing the innate power of breath, we infuse each session with positive intention, channeling energies towards personal growth and renewal. Participants often liken the experience to "Meditation on Steroids," as it delves into the depths of one's being, facilitating profound healing and blissful revelations. Emotions flow freely, leading to a beautiful and cathartic release unlike any other. Following the breathwork journey, attendees will convene to explore the revelations unearthed during the session, delving into the intricacies of relationships. At the core of every connection lies the relationship we nurture with ourselves. Through introspection and discussion, we'll illuminate the importance of deep intuition in fostering meaningful connections, both with ourselves and others.

Breathwork with Sam

United Kingdom June 1 - 2 2024 1 night

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